Human is social and we at some point need to send messages, make calls and send random pictures and videos to family and friends. This explains why WhatsApp is currently one of the most popular apps in the Android world. WhatsApp introduced a new dimension of sharing messages and media. However, WhatsApp has numerous limitations, which have made people have issues with in terms of general restrictions and privacy. This creates a need for an app that works similar to WhatsApp but has better improvements on these limitations. Yowhatsapp has improvements in all the notable areas WhatsApp has some user problems and this makes this app the best alternative to it. The fact that one can use the two apps together improves the experience and the Android user has the option which to use at what time.

YoWhatsApp apk download

YoWhatsApp and WhatsApp

The two apps work almost the same in a number of features. These features include the ability to recall and delete messages and media files but within a specified time. The two app also has the ability to blue tick or restrict the same feature and this gives the android user the freedom to control the direction of the conversation. Other features such as video calls and audio calls are all available without restriction on the duration of the calls regardless of their location. Nevertheless, some features are different from each other.

First, YoWhatsApp is more advanced in the sizes of files one can send. Traditional WhatsApp restricts the size of the video file to 16MB and the YoWhatsApp apk has a more extended file size one can send, over 700MB to be specific. Still, on the nature of media, YoWhatsApp allows the Android user to send high definition images compared to the traditional WhatsApp, which compresses files for easy transmission. Another distinctive feature is that YoWhatsApp has a more advanced way of sending files and it has a capability of sending zip files as well as apk files to family and friends. On the general user interface, one can restrict the app accessibility by using fingerprint or password that is not the case with the mainstream WhatsApp.

Features and detail of YoWhatsApp APK

The following are the specific features of this app compared to an ideal messaging app of 21 century.

The user interface

The user interface of yowhatsapp

This is the general impression the app gives a normal Android user. YoWhatsApp as an app, for example, has many features such as the ability to set and change the background image. This feature is similar to the mainstream WhatsApp. Second, the app, unlike WhatsApp, gives the user the freedom to control the profile picture in-group chats and therefore gives the android user the freedom to control what people see. Other user interface features include the option of the Android user to hide the blue tick and more advanced feature, which enables the user to hide the second tick. In addition, the app gives the android user the ability to choose who can call them and who cannot call them, a feature that is not available in the mainstream WhatsApp. All these features designed to make the Android user have a better experience while using the app.

Limits of interactions

Limits of interactions yowhatsapp

One of the issues that WhatsApp users have had in the past five years is the limitation that comes with interactions. Fortunately, this app expands these limits by extending the size of media a user can send. The main app has a limit of 16MB but YoWhatsApp has over 700MB limit. This improves the level of interaction between different users. The main app has a tendency of compressing images and therefore making them less HD. This is not the case with YoWhatsApp. One can share and receive images of high definition. Still, on the level of interaction, the app gives the user the ability to zoom profile picture of family and friends just by simply double tapping. In addition, unlike the main app where the status has low words count, YoWhatsApp gives the android user a maximum of 250 words. This word count is incredible by normal standards.

Extra unique features of this app

unique features for yowhatsapp

Apart from the two main classifications of features of this WhatsApp alternative, the Android user can save endless themes from the app and this gives the user endless option and looks. This is not only important but also free. Apart from the endless themes one can create and save, the app gives the user the freedom to choose any front they want from the endless options available. This is not only innovative but also free.

The app has the ability to pin as many chats as possible up to one thousand chats. This expands the limits in which the mainstream app gives the android user.

How to Download YoWhatsApp

App NameYoWhatsapp
App Version v7.40
Require Android4.0+
App Size45 MB
App DeveloperYousuf AL Basha

Download Now

The best and the only safe way to download the app is by going to the official website and downloading the official apk. While doing this, there is a couple of this to pay attention to for phone safety. First, it is important for the Android user to avoid the apps in the google app store that have similar names because most of the app is generic. Second, it is important to make sure that the Android version is at least 4.0 for a smooth running of the app. The other lower android versions make the app slow to run.

How to install YoWhatsapp

Since the app is not from the official Google store, it is important for to remove the phone restrictions. It is therefore important to permit apps from unfamiliar sources. If this option is not enabled, the app will not be installed. This particular setting can be found in the Android security settings. After this, the user must then tap the apk file downloaded from the website and click it to install. After completely installing the app, the other important procedure is creating an account using the phone number just like in the mainstream app. This introduces the world of endless and unrestricted communication.

How to use YoWhatsApp

The app usage as discussed above is one of the easiest and the most user-friendly compared to other third-party apps. First, the Android user must have a functional phone number because they will be required to key in the number with the country’s prefix number. After providing the cell number, the app then sends this user a onetime set of number that the user must verify the account. After verification of the account, the account is set to go. It is important to note that one does not need to uninstall the mainstream messaging app because they are compatible.

The normal communication works just like the mainstream messaging apps where you send messages to people in your phonebook. However, to optimize the app use, their certain aspects of the app that must be adjusted. These aspects can be adjusted by choosing from a variety of customized options such as hiding the blue ticks, hide typing or recording or the second tick. The user can also set up security options for securing the privacy of the chats and conversations. The available security options of this app include PIN, password and in more advanced handsets, a fingerprint authentication option will be more appropriate.

In conclusion, this free app is a game changer in the messaging world. With all the above aspects, the app is one of the best options to the regular WhatsApp. It is however important for the Android user to constantly check for the new updates to improve the overall user experience of this app. It is also worth mentioning that the updates are also free from the main website. It is important also to point out that the app will require the Android user to allow the app access the basic permissions like other messaging apps such as camera, mic, and allow the above to run in the background. No permissions, fortunately, threaten in any way the user security.

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