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Do you find the main app store in your phone limiting in terms of apps you can get free? This situation creates a need for an alternative whereby the smartphone user can get all the apk files they want and without financial restrictions. It is true that nobody wants to spend more on apps and if the paid apps are, free, the better. This brings us to the Tutupp, the game changer in the smartphone world. What exactly is this app? Which is the origin country of this app? Is the app multilingual?


First, Tutuapp can be defined as a more than just an alternative to the main google app store. The reason why it is more than just an alternative is the fact that it offers more than what the main app store offers in terms of free downloads of premium apps and not geographical restrictions to the app one can have. The app was designed in China and initially, the main language for this app was Chinese but currently, the app is a multilingual app. Although the app has an iOS version, the Android version is the most famous. Apart from having premium apk files, the app is a games apk haven for gamers.

Tutuapp Features

The App Offers Apps Free

Free Apps ion

There is nothing as good as getting an app that could have cost you money free. Tutuapp offers all the paid apps on iOS and in android free. The availability of these apps is different from when the main apps markets offer premium apps for trial. The apk files ready for download are lifetime free and not future subscriptions will be required. This sets the free from the rest of the similar third-party app markets where sometimes the smartphone owner is faced with the issue of being forced to uninstall the app when some payment options are requested for the app to function.

The app stocks many apk files than any other third-party market

There is a difference between the apps being free and the market having a variety of apps. Fortunately, Tutuapp has a bigger collection of apps ranging from games apk and premium apk files. The reason why the app has a bigger collection is that unlike the official apps markets where some people in different geographical locations cannot access apps due to publishers’ policies, the app does not have such restrictions. This, therefore, gives the smartphone owner the freedom to download any app from the wide collection of apk files without restrictions of place.

The app offers the best user interface

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If the above aspects of the apps are available but general operation of the app is not user-friendly, the app will not be of much help to the smartphone owner. Although the app was initially in Chinese, it had the best layout in terms of apk categories. To download an app, the basic search is simple and the app gives the apk file name and the picture as a product of a search. The categories of the apps and the search simplicity of this app give it the required simplicity.

The app is multilingual

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Language can be a big communication breaker. The fact that the app is from China, the general assumption is that it is strictly in Chinese. This assumption is not true. The app gives different smartphone owners the ability to use the app store because one can set translation option to other languages. This simplifies the use of the app to great extent.

The app has additional features for easy phone use

Apart from providing the smartphone user with the best apk files as well as premium games, the app comes with features that make the phone operate faster and more efficient. First, the app has a speed optimizer that helps the phone in automatically deleting unnecessary files and therefore making the phone run faster. Second, the app has options to download music as well as eBooks. This enlarges the app use. The Tutuapp has a more modern smartphone toolbar that helps the smartphone user to customize their phone.

Apart from the above features, the app does not need the smartphone user to root their android device in order to get the app or to use the app. This is a plus for a third party apk provider.


File Size6.4MB
App Version V2.4.11
Requires Android4.0 and up

Download Now

First, it is important to note that the app is not available on the Google Appstore. This is because the app is the main competitor of the main apps market and the fact that it provides the paid apps free. These two factors rule out the possibility of finding the app in the main app store. So, where can one get the app and in the most updated version without virus or in corrupted version?

The best and the safest place to download the apk file of this app are from the official Tutu website. In this website, the smartphone user is not only guaranteed a free corrupted file but also an updated version of the apk file. Although there is also another website with the apk file of this Tutuapp, it is important for the smartphone owner to do a background check on the websites before downloading. The apk downloaded from other affiliated website but be the latest version of the app and for the English-speaking smartphone owners, there is a new version of the app that is in English. However, if the initial app is available, the phone must be set in a translation mode for easy use of the app.

After considering the above issues, the next step is to download the apk file to the file. If the app is from the official website of the app, it is simple and within the website, there is a clear option. If the apk file is from an affiliate website, the link provided must only lead to downloading of the Tutuapp. After the download is complete, the apk file is by default stored in the folder with browser download and it is from the folder that the apk file will be installed to the app.

How to get the latest version of tutuapp

Like earlier mentioned, there are numerous affiliate websites with the downloading links. However, the wide availability of the apk comes with many disadvantages and the main is getting an old version of the tutuapp. Fortunately, for the updated version, the official Tutu website is the best source. The website is also the legitimate place to get the app in case there are minor updates to the app.

How to install tutuapp

The installing process of the tutuapp takes short time, probably less than half a minute. Before installing the app, some things must be adjusted regarding the phone security. The phone must accept apps from unknown sources for the app to install fully. If this setting allows unknown sources to install an app, click the downloaded apk file to install. The smartphone, however, must have enough space in terms of internal storage as well as where the downloaded apk from the apps will be stored. This process is however different for the iOS app installing.


In conclusion, since the app provides premium apps for no cost has raised issues on the security and how exactly the app is able to make money by providing free apps which are payable on other forums. Although the app requests some permissions from the user that can be termed as of bound such the ability to call, there is no connection on how these requested permissions can subject the smartphone user to insecurity. However, if the apk file is corrupted, it is important to uninstall it and download a new apk from the website. Concisely, the app is necessary to have for any android consumer who loves the quality and prime app but is not ready to spend more on phone.

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