Download Best YouTube Downloader Tubemate 2.2.5

The conventional YouTube app recently introduced the option of saving videos for offline viewing. To many pundits, this is targeted to divert the attention that third-party apps have been getting especially when downloads are concerned. From the onset of the streaming era, there has been the need to download content for sharing and future reference. This scenario explains the reason why there are numerous apps aimed at solving the issue.

Tubemate 2.2.5

What is Tubemate?

Tubemate according to many people is a lifesaver. It is a free app that has customized layout to help the Android user access all the videos available online and download them in different formats without paying or having to subscribe. As a lifetime free app, Tubemate is in the same class to the known media apps such as Spotify. People on, unfortunately, are the only one that can use the app only as there is not compatible apk for the iPhone. Tubemate is an app that also gives the app user the ability to save the downloaded videos on their phone memory or SD card for easy transfer and sharing.

Features of Tubemate 2.2.5

Multiple Downloads

Multiple Downloads

Tubemate 2.2.5 is an exceptional app for many reasons but the ability to have multiple downloads at a go is amazing. The app has a setting in which the user can set the number of downloads they want to have at one given time. The number of downloads ranges from minimum two to maximum four. However, is subjective to the phone’s speed and the available space. There have been documented incidents where the more downloads at one specific time, the slower. This unfortunate scenario can be corrected by setting the maximum downloads to be two.

The App is Free

The App is Free

To download the app and install it on the phone is free. You do not need to pay fees to get the app and it is free on the official Tubemate website. Downloads are also free and the only thing one pays for is their data plan if they are not connected on free Wi-Fi. After some time of using the app, there are no renewal chargers of mandatory subscriptions and this means that the app is free to have and to use.

Alternative to YouTube


Tubemate, unlike many downloading apps, has its own media player that has almost the same features as the official app. This has made the app to be used as an alternative to the mainstream media app.

Different Downloads Versions

Different Downloads Versions

Owing to the fact that the app is free, the general expectation is that the app restricts the user to just one version of downloads. This, fortunately, is not the case with Tubemate. There are all common file formats for both the audio and the videos. In each category, the app gives the user the freedom to adjust file details and this is important in storage.

Unmatched User Interface

User Interface

Free app in most times tends to be cumbersome in the general outlook and well as interaction. Tubemate by all standards is so unique. You can search a video on YouTube through the provided option on the app or paste a link. All these activities are faster. The app is also interesting in the way the graphics are developed and this is probably the best piece Debian Studio ever made.

Download Tubemate 2.5.5

Download Now

To download the latest version of this amazing app, you only need one thing, the correct downloading link from the website. In the recent past, many links have resulted in many phone users getting corrupted files or outdated apk. The official website is the best place to download the authentic apk file. Before downloading, that one must pay attention to few things. Primarily, after verifying the link, there must be a memory space of at least 10MB because the app is small. You can also download latest tubemate 2.2.9.

How to install Tubemate

Since Tubemate is classified as a third party app by the Google standards, installing it is different from the conventional apps. First, you must locate the folder with the apk file. Installation starts from here. It is also important to ensure that the phone has space to accommodate an additional app. The good thing about Tubemate is that is a relatively small app to handle. The phone must also accept apk files from different sources classified as unknown sources. When all these factors are correct, the app installs in less than ten seconds. The app accepts all versions of Android and this is a non-issue in the installation process.

In summary, this app is worth downloading. The above features and benefits without any cost should inspire any phone user using Android to try out this app. If in any case (which is uncommon) the app is not what you expected, there is no financial loss because the app is free without subscriptions.

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