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In this age and era, music is everywhere, from our phones to our iPod and even in our cars. Unlike the last century whereby one had to be home or in a social event to enjoy their music, everybody nowadays has a collection of their favorite sounds with them. This development has also made record labels improve their production and speed in which their produce music. These constant releases have made the music industry to be a multi-billion venture. The music development has created a huge musical market and people want to have the latest musical albums or LP on their phones. The development has made multiple musical entrepreneurs invest in the means of music distribution.

What is Spotify?

Spotify is a platform whereby media from different genres are available and distributed in a safe digital platform. The available forms of media in this forum are the traditional podcasts, videos, and the main distribution piece of a genre that is music. The media that is in Spotify apk is from all over the world and the music types are variant. This variety gives the different users of this platform the needed variety of media be it podcasts, videos, or songs. This has made this platform one of the most famous in terms of good terms of a collection of the above-named media and the fact that the platform has a different kind of user options.

The main way to access millions of media available on this platform is by streaming. There are various qualities of the streaming depending on the individual data plans. The platform also offers the users the ability to download the songs or the podcasts for later viewing or listening. The downloading option on this platform, however, is different from the traditional downloading in the sense that the downloaded media cannot be transferred from the device and it is only meant for offline listening. The availability of musical albums also is dependent on some factors such as which plan one is, either the premium or the regular Spotify plan.


Features and detail of Spotify Premium APK

Spotify has numerous features which any music love or podcast lover must fall in love with. These features include the following

Spotify Premium APK is Ads Free

Ads Free spotify

Ads can be annoying and at most times disrupt the smooth operation of the app. The premium version of this app does not have running ads and this means therefore that the user has the ability to maximize the data plan as well as have uninterrupted use of the app.

Unlimited Skips

Unlimited Skips icon

The regular plan has a certain number of skips user can have. This option in most cases limits the Spotify user and the user is forced to listen to some songs that might be uninteresting to them. Fortunately, with the Spotify premium apk, the user has unlimited chances to skip any song that might be uninteresting to them.

Access to New Releases

Spotify New Releases icon

The music industry is in a constant release of new albums and new LPs. All these albums and LPs are mostly available in the platform but are only limited to the premium users. This feature of the premium plan that is exceptional. By listening and downloading music for offline, the user does not pay any more charges unlike other musical platforms and this sets the platform on another elite level.

Offline Downloads

Offline Downloads spotify premium

Another special feature about the premium apk of Spotify is the ability of the user to download unlimited music and podcasts for offline listening. This is important because one can be going to a place with weak internet signals and this does not limit the premium user from enjoying their favorite albums or podcasts just by the fact that they are offline.

Unlocked Repeating of Music

Repeating of Music

We all love listening to one particular song repeatedly. This conversely in most premium musical apps, the mode is unavailable. The repeating mode of music is also locked in the free version of the Spotify. Fortunately, the premium version of the app gives the user endless repeats of their favorite music.

Download Spotify Premium Apk

App NameSpotify
App Version8.4
App Size35 MB
Requires Android4.1+
DeveloperSpotify Team


For Android users, the apk file is available on the following sites. Fist, the official Spotify website where it is zipped file. Second, the apk file is also available in Google Appstore or any third party stores. However, it is important to note that these third-party stores have corrupted versions of this musical app and it is, therefore, important to pay attention to details. Third, the apk file is also available on Tom’s Guide, Softonic and in CNET websites. These websites have the up to date versions that are safe for downloads.

There are various things to pay attention when downloading this apk file. First, the apk must be from the above sources otherwise the phone and personal information will be at risk of cyber-crimes. Second, the apk file must also be updated version, as the previous versions will not give the best results and sometimes running on the android phone maybe slower than expected. Finally, it is important to ensure that the android phone has at least 35MB space and is running on the Android version, which is 4.1 or later. The lower android versions will not give the app the required running smoothness.

Comparison Spotify Premium vs Spotify Regular

Spotify as a music distribution platform has the largest collection of music in the digital music world. Unlike many digital platforms, the platform has two different plans for music lovers, Spotify premium, and regular Spotify apk. First, the Spotify premium apk has more music compared to the regular plan. In the recent past, most popular musical labels are restricting their new releases on the regular subscribers because it is free and this means that as a label, it is not economically viable. However, the two platforms have more than forty million songs collected all over the world.

Second, since the premium plan is a paid plan, it does not have ads like the free version of Spotify. Ads availability is a way of generating income from the free users. In terms of general user interface, the premium plan is superior in the way the user can have an endless listening of music or podcasts through streaming or downloading for later listening compared to the normal plan where the user is restricted in the times they can skip ads. However, in terms of availability, they are all available in different forms and gadgets such as Smart TVs, smartphones, and PCs.

How to install Spotify on Android

After downloading the apk file, the next important part is installing the apk on the android phone. This is an easy process and if the instructions are followed, it takes less than a minute. If the apk file was downloaded from the play store, installing it is automatic. However, if the downloading the file was from the above-named sources, the installing process is done manually. First, it is important to ensure that in the security options, the Android device allows apps from unknown sources. After allowing the apps from unknown sources, the next stage is opening the location of the downloaded file and clicking it to install.

In conclusion, the above steps of getting the apk on the android are simple and achievable. It is important to note that the musical platform has been changing policies regarding the free version of the accessibility. This means therefore that it is important to get the premium version of the app and pay the friendly fees. It is also important to get the apk updates regularly whenever they are available. Updates are important in improving the user experience of the app. The premium version of Spotify is a good avenue for a family to share music, listen together and making playlists. This ability is however available in this premium version only.

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