GTA 5 APK+OBB(Mod Version Free Download)

We all love playing games. In most cases, the games that we play are too mainstream with little or no storyline. This aspect of the modern games has made many games not retain current players because the storyline in most cases is too shallow to hook them to play repeatedly. Now, imagine a game that has a touch with the reality, it has some aspects of the current situation of the economic world, brings aspects of social crimes, and creates heroes from relatable issues. This is what GTA 5 is all about, reflecting the societal issues as well as giving the players a good experience while playing. This has made the game to be one of the most iconic games in the history of gaming creating loyal players as well as attracting new ones.

Download GTA 5 For Android Apk+OBB

Although GTA 5 is still available in other gaming options, the Android version is still worth trying because it is arguably the best game ever put on the android version. The reasons why the GTA 5 apk android version is the best ever version of the game available for phone user include the following.

The first thing you notice when you see the game the first thing is the quality of the game graphics. Over the years, there have been misconceptions on what a game on phone should look like in form of graphics but the game is exceptional and it looks too good for your mainstream kind of phone game.

GTA 5 APK+OBB(Mod Version Free Download)

Second, it has one of the best controlling options in the modern phone games. The game gives the players many options to control the game and the direction of the game. Third, in most games involving cars and racing, there is always something boring on the way to drive the car and the available routes. The GTA 5 is exceptional. It gives the player more than they can ask in the way cars are controlled and the kind of roads and routes followed. The actualization of the characters in the game such as people and the whole set of the game has a real feeling. This realness has been missing in most games over the years and the fact that the reality is more advanced makes this game exceptional.

The Android version of the game gives the player more challenging and fun missions. The scope of this game is expanded to accommodate a more thrilling storyline, which is incomparable to most android games and even in most high-end games. Finally, the Android version of this game is true to its assurance of quality in the way sounds of the game are well visible as well as attractive colors. All these factors make the android version of this game almost equal to the video game version.

GTA 5 APK Story and Gameplay

Like earlier mentioned, the storyline of this game is advanced in terms of the issues that the game touches. It can be referred as a technological provocateur in the way it incorporates the first world realities such as social evils, crime as well as different realities that are sometimes not incorporated in other mainstream games.  It is one of the few games in the world of gaming that has also been able to bring the aspects of action as well as being adventurous at the same time.

As a product of Rockstar Games, it was an expectation that the game was supposed to be big. Although the Android version of the game was initially not in the main plan, the XBOX versions, as well as PlayStation versions, were big. The game is set around three different characters. The characters can be switched depending on the player preference and which character resonates well with them. The locality of the game is an imaginary city called Los Santos that has many issues just like the modern first world countries. The characters that are also available in this beautiful game include untrustworthy secrete agents, a society that is full of skeptical moviemakers as well as xenophobic society.

How to Download GTA 5 APK

There are many third party downloading links and the gamer is supposed to do their homework and establish whether the source is authentic. Fortunately, the apk file of the game can be found from the official GTA website. The advantage of downloading from the main website is the assurance of an original untampered apk file as well as updated version.

Game NameGTA 5
Requires OSAndroid 4.0+
Game Size2.7 GB
DeveloperRockstar Games

Download APK

Download Data

After downloading the apk file, the file cannot be installed directly and the gamer must download an additional app from the Google Play Store. The additional file should have the ability to extract files from a zipped file such as Z-Archiver or any similar app. After launching the app, the extraction of the GTA 5 file is easy.

There are things that sound be considered when downloading the apk file. The phone must have enough internal space of at least 3O MB because the apk file is about 20 MB. The other factors that should be considered are the phone operating system that should be above 4.0.

Install process with data

Like mentioned above, the downloaded apk file is zipped. This means that it cannot be installed. It is therefore important to extract files from the downloaded file using an app from the Appstore. Only the extracted apk file is installable on android.  When the apk file is ready, the installation process can begin.

Since the apk file is not from the official store, the way of installing in slightly different. First, the phone setting option for third-party app sources should be adjusted to accommodate apk files from different sources. After this, the extracted file is then tapped to install. The process takes approximately less than a minute depending on the phone speed as well as storage space. Like mentioned above the phone operating system that should be above 4.0 and the phone must have enough internal space of at least 3O MB because the apk file is about 20 MB.

GTA 5 APK Alternative Games

Although the GTA 5 is a unique game in how it is developed, a few more games are relatively similar in terms of how they are designed and how the characters and stories are executed. These games include the following.

  1. Saints Row 4

Many gamers have referred to this game as an imitation version of the main game. Although the game has its roots in the GTA, it has many different executions, which are different, but the overall gaming experience to the average gamer is almost similar.  The game is similar in the way graphics, colors and sounds are placed and functions but the difference is in how the characters functions as well as their limitations. This game, for example, gives the gamer to make their own version of a superhero, which is not the case with the GTA 5 game where you have different options to select.

  1. Infamous Second Son

The game is more realistic than the previous game. The set is in the real world and not in the fiction world. The story is however of a fiction tribe that has powers over the other human race and this makes them hunted down by a special governmental force called DUP. At the end of it all, the whole tribe is hugely ruined and the main character whom if famously known as Delsin feels he has a responsibility to follow and correct the injustices from a DUP official who is a woman. The story revolves around powers in quest of correcting social evils.

  1. Sleeping Dogs

It is more of a crime-fighting game. The gamer in this game plays like an American undercover which deep origin from China and this explains why the set is in China. The gamer is therefore expected to fight the social crime but not from the police perspective. Just like in GTA, everything the gamer does can cause him life from both the evil doers as well as the police who do not know him.

In conclusion, the developer of this gaming app did a fantastic job in designing the game. There are some documented instances where the downloaded apk zipped file fails to functions and in case of this scenario, it is better to delete the zipped file and repeat the whole process of downloading the apk but not the app for extracting the zipped file. The issue may be that the downloaded file was corrupted or not up-to-date. It is also important to note that the apk file of this game has some limitations compared to the X BOX and windows versions but the android game is still worth trying.

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