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Do you have issues with the mainstream google play store? Alternatively, do you want additional applications which are either unavailable or in the global locality you have a restriction on certain apps? Worry no more. The getapk market is the perfect solution for all these problems. For a simple definition, it is an alternative source of apk, which compared to the mainstream market store; it is diverse in terms of app availability and has no geographical restrictions. The market is a perfect alternative to better and highly rated games and other up to date apps in form of apk.

The app is designed for an Android user looking for a trustworthy and reliable third-party source to alternative source of apps. As the digital era continues to expand, there is need for alternative and competitive app market. The best and the unique feature about this alternative to the google app store is that it is free unlike and it allows the Android user freely to install their favorite game apps or other apps in form of apk. It is also important to note that the app in comparison to the official app store is very light approximately two MB. This means therefore that the Android user will not have to worry about the phone space taken by this magical app.

The app can run on all android versions from 2.2 and above. It is developed by GetApk which is synonymous with creative apps and features.

Get Apk Market Features

Being a third party alternative to the app market, what are some of the features that can make an android user choose it over the mainstream app store. The getapk market is unique in the following ways.


Simplicity icon

One common issue that the apps store market and the other available third-party alternatives have is the complicated user interface. This, fortunately, is not the case with this app. The general use and interactions are simplified for a general Android user. The simplicity is also evident on how to navigate through the application. The app has a colorful classification of the apk available and this from the first look forms the idea of an improved google apps store. All the categories are available with the only difference, which is that all of these apps are unrestricted unlike the main app store for Android.

The scope of apps available

available icon

The GetApk market has one of the largest collection of apps in comparison to the other third-party apps as well as the mainstream app store. This means that the android user not only gets the premium apps free but they also get a larger collection of apps. This means therefore that the Android user spends no money but they get all the premium apps available. This makes this app exceptional. The apps are also available in apk form. This method of downloading applications is different from the conventional one and has many advantages. Some of these advantages include the fact that one can share these apps with family and friends as well as store them as backups. It has options whereby apk files can be shared through Bluetooth or even through dropbox links.

The app offers apps unrestricted by the locality

The app offers apps unrestricted by the locality

In the Google policy, not all apps are available to all Android users due to their locality. With this app, this is not the case. Apart from these apps being simple, the Android user is at liberty to access all the apps in the world in form of apk and this expands the user’s experience in terms of technology.

Consistent updates

blackmart alpha apk upgrades icon

In any app, the creator is always in a continuous attempt to improve how the app is supposed to interact with the user for maximum benefit. In most third-party alternatives to the google apps store, the chance to have these updates available is unheard off and the Android user in most cases gets a raw deal. This, fortunately, is not the case with this app. The user gets notifications of the available updates. This helps the Android user get a better experience.

Authentication procedure and requirements

android phone

Everybody in the world is skeptical about sharing private information. Having a third party appraises more questions. Fortunately, this app does not require the Android user to provide any personal information such as emails address of their passwords and this gives the user the required promise of security. This means therefore that the app is secure and does not tamper with personal information stored on the android phone.

Download Getapk Market

App NameGetapk
App Size1.2 MB
App Version1.6.94
Requires Android4.0
Update Date18 December 2018

Download Now

Downloading this app is simple and clear. However, some things must be considered before downloading. The first is to have the understanding that the app is not available in the mainstream Google Appstore. The apps with similar names are not the getapk market and this is because the app is a competitor of the main Appstore. Fortunately, there are available sources to get the legitimate app online. These sources include the following. First, the official website of the GetApk Market has a link whereby the android user can get the apk file that is zipped. Second, affiliate websites to the official website have the apk file and one can make a simple google search to find them.

After finding a website, you can trust the first important thing to note is to do a background check on if the website has a recent version of the apk and of the version of the apk is latest, one can just make a simple click and start downloading the file. The downloading speed is dependent on the strength of the internet connection and the space available on the android phone. The apk file is so small and the actual size is 1.2 MB that in a standard downloading time takes less than 10 seconds.

After downloading the apk file, check the downloading folder on the phone, if it is not an apk file, repeat the above process. The phone also must have the Android version 4.1 or the latest version for a better running of the app. If the apk file is not the December 2017 updated version, it is important to look for another source with that version. If the file downloaded is apk, congratulations, you have the best app for all your apps solutions.



In conclusion, the app offers unlimited chances to have all the good apps around the world free. The platform gives the android user unlimited a chance to enjoy the world of Android and it is only the phone space that can limit the user because the apps available are numerous. The apps downloaded being in the apk form means that you can share with family and friends these free premium apps by just Bluetooth or any sharing option available without spending money.

Unlike other third-party options in the apps market, the app does not give the android user errors, which are most likely to pop up. If the errors of installation ever happen, it is important to check the android phone storage capacity or restart the phone. It is also worth mentioning that the app, unlike other third-party markets gives the android users regular updates of the apps installed depending on the availability.

The security issue on the third market apps has been a subject of debate over the years. It is important to note that this app does not put the Android user in cybercrime danger because it does not ask for personal details such as bank details since it is a free app.


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