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Phone apps are becoming more necessary. The phone requires people to have apps and this means the more advanced your apps are, the better the experience you will have on your phone. The issue comes with a choice of these apps. There are many apps available for every single task that can be done on phone. However, the best apps are either restricted by region or they are paid and the publishers of the apps require the android user either to buy or subscribe for annual or monthly payments to enjoy the services of the apps. This creates a technological void that only is filled by a third party android app market.

The app is an alternative to the official Android App Store. Google Apps Store for the onset of the Android era has dominated and has become the main place to get and purchase apps. Blackmart alpha apk is, therefore, the alternative to this main store app and is similar in many ways such as categories. Categories of the two apps store are similar to each other. The other distinctive feature of the two apps stores is the availability of many apps for all kind of activities that can do on phone. However, the main difference between the two apps is that the Blackmart alpha provides all these apps available on the main apps store free.

Blackmart Alpha Features and Detail

Free Apps

Free Apps ion

this is the most attractive feature of this alternative apk market. All the apps in the world are available for downloading without the android user paying for any single download. In the main apps market, the prime apps are normally for sale and if they are free, the Android user is always required to make an upgrade by paying a certain amount of money in the near future. Fortunately, the prime apps found of this app market are not downloaded on trial basis but they are fully identical to the paid apps in terms of being ads free and being effective.

Availability of All Apps

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it is true that the main apps store is discriminative in the way the apps are available in different parts of the world while being invisible to others. This is by determining which apps to appear on what part of the globe. The Blackmart Alpha as an alternative app store corrects this by making sure that all the apps in different categories are available for different android users around the world. From this app, therefore, it is objective to state that depending on one locality in the globe, the app will have more apps than the google play store. The app does not only have apps but it has eBooks collected around the world.

Improved User Interface 

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Compared to other similar market apps, the Blackmart Alpha has the best user experience based on the following reasons. The colors of the app are bold and this, therefore, does not direct the android user while choosing the right app to use. Second, the accessibility of apps is easy due to well-arranged categories of apps. For example, it is easier to browser social apps and finds a Twitter app for example at a faster rate compared to the mainstream apk market. The app is also multilingual and this means that different people speaking different languages can easily use the app without necessary making choices on trial and era basis.

Support all Android Phones

android phone

As the android versions continue to advance, the apps in the apps store continue to be strict on the type of phone they can only run and any attempt to download these apps on a lower version of Android makes either the app or the phone to crash. Fortunately, this is not the case with the apps found on this apps store. Any app can run on any android version from 2.3 up to the latest android version. Although high android versions have advantages on the manner in which the app runs, the Android user does not necessarily have to upgrade the android version to download the apps.

Availability of Upgrades 

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In the most third-party app market, the option of a upgrading the apps regularly is normally unavailable. In this app market, fortunately, the Android user can upgrade the apps from the apps store whenever they are available. This helps the user to continue enjoying the premium apps and getting the best deals.

Download Blackmart Alpha APK

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App NameBlackmart
App Size5.25MB
Requires Android4.0
Update Date29 March 201
App Version0.99.2.111B

Download Now

There are numerous places one can download the apk file of the app. The app owner has democratized the ownership of this app in a way multiple people can have it and post links to downloads. It is, however, important to consider some few things before downloading the app from different sources. Although the app is available in multiple websites, most of these apk files are outdated and we recommend downloading the app from the official website white not only assures the android user of the security but also gives them the recent and update version of Blackmart Alpha.

How to install Blackmart

blackmart alpha install


After the apk file has been downloaded, the next and the most important section is installing it on the android phone of the Android tablet. The first step is enabling apps installation from the unknown sources in the phone settings. After enabling third-party apps files to be installed on the phone, go to downloads and tap the apk file to fully install. After completing the whole process, the app is ready for use.

Advantage and Disadvantage of Blackmart alpha

Some of the advantages of using this app for apps include the following. First, it provides the Android user with multiple apps both regular and premium apps free. Second, the app is multilingual and this means therefore that different people around the world can use the app. Third, the app has an unmatched user interface in terms of easiness to navigate and find apps at a faster speed compared to other third-party markets and mainstream apps store. The final advantage of this app is the fact that it has the option to upgrade the app whenever the updates are available. This aspect is unique in the sense that few app markets have these options.

Although the app may look ideal by many standards, few disadvantages come with operating this app. First, regular Android users update the app. This has some implications on the legality of these apps owing the fact that most of them are prime apps and they are supposed to be paid for as opposed to getting them free. The other shortcoming of this app is the fact that it does not contain information about app compatibility with different android gadgets. This can make different android users attempt at finding the most appropriate app for their android gadget.

In conclusion, this is necessary have app for people who love good android experience without breaking a bank. All these apps available on a platform makes app use of individual android user exceptional and the apk files downloaded are shareable with family and friends. The fact that the app market allows the Android user to download the apps in form of apk file means that one can actually store the files in a computer or online as part of the phone back up. It is better also to address some legality issues concerning the app offer for free apps but the honest answer is that it is the people who share the app and the availability of these apps on a third platform does not really affect the individual developers directly.

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